Film & Video

Watchers, Not Readers

Most people don’t like reading tons of text online (especially if they aren’t super invested in the content). Instead, they browse and click around. But if you show them a video, most people will sit back and take it in.

We do video production in house. You get a creative, collaborative approach to your project from experienced professionals. If you see the value and think it can help, connect with us to explore some options.

Client’s Perspective

“I was initially resistant to the idea of adding a video to my website. I didn’t know why I should spend the money, and wasn’t sure the website needed it. But very soon I discovered that the trend online was toward more interactivity—everything started moving. I am so grateful that Ken made me current, even ahead of my time.”

—Wynne W. Miller, MCC


Place Value: A Creativity Labs Experiment

In Good Taste

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Ken Kinard Video on Creativity Coaching

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